Journey to NIPAF Asia 2015

..a journal from Kathmandu to Tokyo-Osaka-Nagano by Ishan Pariyar Nippon International Performance Arts Festival ( NIPAF) was been started and doing its series of performance art since 1993. In the beginning, artist were Sho Kazakura (one of an artist who was a Neo Dada Organizer member in the 1960`s in Tokyo ) & Seiji Shimoda, 3 Korean Artists, 7 artists from Europe and Canada. In the early 1990s, Seiji Shimoda commenced performance art in few countries such as Korea, Hong Kong, and Taiwan. He had conducted some performances and realized that he should go to various Asian countries to meet local artists and initiate to put out the actual how performance art is practicing there. As I have got the formal invitation from Seiji Shimoda (The Director of NIPAF) to participate in 18th NIPAF Asia, I was truly excited to be part of it. I processed to get my visa from Japan Embassy in Kathmandu and finally my flight was fixed for 29th July to Narita, Tokyo. I got my boarding pas
Reminiscences Solo Art Exhibition by Ishan Pariyar